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04/01Bleach Bath, Callow, Bleed The Pigs, No Friends, Mob Terror @ Golden Tea House
04/03Satan’s Satyrs (VA), Nightbitch (CT), Death Orbit, Batworm @ Motel Hell /21+
04/03Wasted Blood, Limits, Wet Fetish, TBA @ Teri’s
04/03Glocca Morra, LVL Up, Ovlov, Disco Doom, Ted Nguyent @ Golden Tea House
04/03Casual User, Agonia, The Stasi, Dark Thoughts, Nemesisters @ The Mitten
04/04Window Liquor, Special People (Balt.), Drugstore, Combine @ Motel Hell
04/04Grass Is Green, Knights Templar, Snoozer, Loose Tooth @ Golden Tea House
04/04Art opening: Manufacturing Fire @ Little Berlin
04/04Mumblr, Lizard Police, Cold Foamers, Idiot Kid @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/04Carved Up, Bardus, Die Choking, Gholas @ Siren Records (Doylestown, PA)
04/05These Polar Opposites, Harvey Pekar, Address, Sic Bacchus @ Mt. Thrashmore
04/05Cloth, American Spiritual, Bardus, Black Snot @ Motel Hell
04/05Pulling Punches, Hoser, Throw Bricks, L.M.I. (PA) @ Freedom 35
04/05Time Travel Convention Pt. 2 - Art opening and readings from Metropolarity, Warren The poet long mire, Michael Michael Joseph O’Hara, Rasheedah Phillips, Rorie Still + Special Guests @ Yell Gallery
04/05No Other, Radical Dads, Hurry, Black Wine @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/06Pachangacha, Mike Bell & The Movies, All Bad, Loose Tooth @ Mt. Thrashmore
04/06Dave Hause, Northcote @ World Cafe Live
04/08Cayetana, Strange Relations, Cruiser, Hurry @ Golden Tea House
04/09Ghost Mice, Mischief Brew, Squidd Subject A, Special Guest on tour from Europe @ Freedom 35
04/09Gavilán, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, Evening River Band @ The Fire /21+
04/09Boyfrndz, Avataria @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/09Tyler Daniel Bean, The Hague, Ghost Gum, The Goodbye Party @ Golden Tea House
04/10Carved Up, Yeesh, Lady Bones, Wives @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/10Sad Actor, Cassavetes, Psychic Teens @ Boot & Saddle /21+
04/11The Ambulars, Jason Anderson, Thin Lips @ Great Indoors
04/11Punx for Pussies Vol. 2: Alement, Night Raids, Westboro Baptist Choir, Dingus - Benefit for Project MEOW @ Beaumont Warehouse
04/11Laser Life - queer sci-fi reading w/ Imogen Binnie, Pauline Darkstar, and more @ The A-Space
04/12Space Drugs, Baker Man, Alarms + Controls, The Deadeyes @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/12Albis, Fantastic Imagination, Overly Polite Tornadoes, Trifels, and Tender Vision @ The Pharmacy
04/12Fly Life: House Music @ Bear’s Lair
04/13Arsena Shroeder, The Naked Sun @ Fleisher Art Memorial
04/13Anasazi, Blazing Eye, Government Flu, Bad Energy @ The Slow Club (matinee)
04/13Dying, Boroughs, Dinner Break, Inertia, Ideas @ LAVA Space
04/14Infernoh (Sweden), Nomad, The Brood, Future @ Wolf Cycles
04/14Marge, Art Sorority for Girls (DC), Pinkwash (first show!) @ The Mitten
04/15Failed Mutation, Mapmaker, The Holidays, War Emblem @ Golden Tea House
04/15 see u in hell: Groke, 2 Suns, Moor Mother Goddess, Drums Like Machine Guns @ LAVA Space
04/16Marietta, Dowsing, Donovan Wolfington, Bleeding Fractals @ Golden Tea House
04/16Priests, Good Throb (London), Hunger (London), Latex @ LAVA Space
04/17Frameworks, Gates, Secret Plot, Grower, Sleep In @ The Fire
04/17MASTER, VEKTOR, Casket @ Millcreek Tavern / 21+
04/18The Holy Mess, Chumped, Likers @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/18Pill Friends, Soda Bomb, Besting Tensions, Boss Logic @ Rock Bottom XX
04/18ROCKERS Day 1: race + punk + identity in the new age - The Breathing Light, Aye Nako, Metropolarity, +TBA, DJ MMGZ @ LAVA Space
04/19ROCKERS Day 2: The Breathing Light, Trophy Wife, Mighty Paradocs, Alex Smith, Atruth Anarchopunk, DJ Haram @ Great Indoors
04/19Black Orchid Backyard Sale & Vegetarian/Vegan Food @ Bottom-Feeder (11am)
04/19Dental Dames, Everyone Except Me, Avataria, A Piano & A Cocktail Murderess, Mute Message @ Eris Temple Arts / 21+
04/19The Inmates, Dopestroke, Anxiety Hammer @ Glitoria
04/19Ted Nguyent, Denzell, Speed Trials, Hoser @ Dog Morgue
04/19Abi Reimold, Cold Foamers, Grim Sleeper, Slippertails @ Hong Kong Garden
04/20Christopher Walking, Hoser, Life In Vacuum, Speed Trials, Shrink! @ Mt. Thrashmore
04/20Weed, Gunk, Amanda X, Marge @ Golden Tea House
04/21The Naked Sun @ St Stephen’s Green / 21+
04/22CFF Presents: THE SHINING (1980) Forwards and Backwards w/ live score by Psychic Teens @ PhilaMOCA
04/23Secret Bully #2 Zine Release/reading w/ Cynthia Schemmer, Katie Haegele, Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, Laura Reeve @ The Soapbox Independent Publishing Center
04/23Cinedelphia Film Fest: The Late Orson Wells @ PhilaMOCA
04/23No (UK), Stoic Violence, Perfume River, Bad Energy, Stuck Pig @ Golden Tea House
04/24High Spirits (IL), Crazy Bull, Bonzai, Village @ Millcreek Tavern /21+
04/25Perfect Pussy, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Green Dreams @ First Unitarian Church
04/25Hero Dishonest (Finland), War Emblem, Latex, Toska @ Wolf Cycles
04/26Cinedelphia Film Fest: Return To Nuke ’Em High Vol. 1 w/Lloyd Kaufman in attendance @ PhilaMOCA
04/27Bevin Blectum, Sontag Shogun, Kate Ferencz @ Pageant Soloveev
04/28Rasputin’s Secret Police, Snoozer, Havania Whaal, Avataria @ Kung Fu Necktie / 21+
04/29Cayetana, All Dogs, Radiator Hospital, Nona @ The Fire
04/29Column of Heaven, Full of Hell, Nyodene D, Backslider @ Golden Tea House